Wednesday, March 23, 2011

National Puppy Day

In honor of National Puppy Day I'm sharing with you some adorable little puppies that need a home. My home.

Tyson  (I just want to squeeze his little cheeks)

Mazy (this one's story stole my heart, and I hope she finds a wonderful home)

Wally (holy moly the cuteness is unbearable)

Have you had enough? Because I could go on...
I cannot wait until I can finally bring another puppy home. I've learned to love our cats and everything (I even sometimes call them "ours") but there's nothing like the love of a dog. The cuddles, the licks, the wrestling. I want it in my life.


  1. They are all so cute!! I could fall in love with any one of them!

  2. Cuuute! Be my guinea pig for combining a cat household with a dog, and let me know how it goes, OK?

  3. Yes! I will hopefully be able to let you know soon! ;)