Monday, August 29, 2011

popcorn worthy

I've seen some movies that I have enjoyed recently, some that are cute or funny or what have you, but nothing that I have truly loved. Nothing that has struck a chord in that funny way that movies can, that draw you in and stick with you. So I have poked around a bit and found some potential candidates. At least the trailers are compelling enough to stick with me. And George, he always was my favorite.

Any movies you're looking forward to? 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

holy wow

Natsumi Hayashi's levatating self-portraits are all real, never photoshopped, kind of creepy, totally amazingpants. 

spotted on Honestly WTF

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

long weekend

This weekend did not turn out as planned, but it did turn out to be quite spectacular. 
The original plan was to spend a long weekend in a cabin in the middle of the mountains, hosted by one of my best friends on the planet. When a family emergency prompted her to cancel the trip I was a little heartbroken (and concerned for her and her family of course), but the mister and I decided not to just sit around at the house and instead take full advantage of each day that we had off together. It so rarely happens, after all. 

To kick off the weekend, I had an unexpected Friday night off and the mister already had plans to see a movie with a friend so I decided to plan a girls night out! I don't even know the last time this happened. Yummy dinner, a little shopping, and a movie (The Help, actually quite cute) was such a treat and I'm glad we could make a night of it!

On Saturday we decided to head over to Great Falls, since I'm fairly certain I had never been there even having lived here for so long. I have to admit I was expecting something a little...greater. It was pretty and all, but it reminded me more of hiking alongside the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg than anything I would call Great Falls. To be fair there is some water spilling over some rocks. I guess you could call that Falls. I don't know. I generally think there should be a significant falling of water over several stories to constitute a Falls, but that could just be me. It was lovely nonetheless.

On Sunday we picked up a few odds and ends at Ikea, got some Orange Julius at the mall, got caught in a downpour, and did some relaxing. 

Monday was the big day. The one we had planned out. Monday we headed down to VA Beach. We headed out pretty early in the morning and got there before noon, and from the looks of things when we got there we were in for a relatively chilly, windy, overcast day.

Not exactly what you dream of for a day at the beach, but hey, I was prepared to take it. I was just happy to be at the beach. And the wind made for good kite flying (this was not planned, I just happened to still have the kite in my car from the last time we used it a couple of years ago) And then this happened.

It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day at the beach. The clouds went along their merry way and left the sky bright blue. It warmed up, sent us in the water, and made for a lovely day. Until we realized I was getting burned. I had applied sunscreen, several times, because I know myself. But it was no match for the fury of the sun. And today I can barely walk it hurts so bad. I'm carrying my aloe lotion around with me like a baby with her bottle. Do I regret it? No. Am I going to trust spray sunscreen the next time I go to the beach? No.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

classics. modernized.

Love these modern minimalist representations of children's classics by Christian Jackson, spotted on Chez Beeper Bebe.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've been feeling sorry for myself lately because I don't feel like we have taken full advantage of the summer and those lovely summer days are going to be over before you know it. Like, we haven't gone swimming even once. Haven't gone to a park. Only had one (or two?) BBQs. No Kings Dominion. Etc, etc. I could sit here and make excuses like my work schedule is crazy and the mister and I only have 2-3 days off together most months and when that happens we end up having to do things like clean and run errands and buy groceries. It's not very exciting, but that's what it is. But I am very much looking forward to next weekend at the cabin, and all of the summertime leisure that takes place there. Thank goodness for that.

Oh, and here's a little video that's pretty much what summer is all about. The band's name is Tennis. In case you were wondering.

Marathon from Oncle Spike on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Look, birds pretty much have it made already.They just fly around all day doing whatever they want, free as a.... bird. They make their homes wherever they please. On your roof, on top of signs, in trees, whatever. And now they have these. Sleek, modern (and mid-century modern) birdhouses/works of art. It all seems a bit unfair, doesn't it?

Monday, August 8, 2011

future cutie pie

These pictures slay me.
You best believe my little ones are going to look this fabulous on the beach.
Cute little bikini, glamorous sunglasses, and some sass and frass to spare.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

my pretties

While I don't personally have a need for a diaper bag (but I know some people who do!) I do kind of love it.

That blue (faux)leather is so fabulous-vintage-luggage I can hardly stand it. The straps, the pockets... ohhh the pockets. And oh yeah, it's pretty great in yellow too
Spotted over at Oh Joy!

And thankfully all the cats are out of their respective bags and I can finally talk about the fact that two of my friends are expecting! And get this: one found out the day before my wedding, and the other found out the day after. It was kind of a magical time, what can I say? So I've been focusing most of my energy on building my scarf inventory, but believe me the baby knitting will commence shortly. I've got some time. And it is some of my favorite knitting to do. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I don't have an ipad, or even want one, but if I did...

This guy here would be part of the deal.