Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We did it!

The papers have been signed, the keys are in our possession, and the mister and I are now officially homeowners! It's been a crazy month and it all came down to this: quite nearly an entire day spent sitting around a table waiting for the paperwork to come through so we could sign our lives away. It's so exciting! And stressful, scary, and crazy, but pretty stinkin' amazing! 

The contract included all furniture and contents of the shed, which ended up including a lot of stuff we did not expect. So we will be spending many days soon going through shelves of National Geographics and encyclopedias, cupboards full of dishes, and even a freezer full of food (three year old Hungry Man meals, oh yeah!) and hopefully making some pleasant discoveries before we are ready to settle in ourselves. Oh and the seller of the house could not have been more adorable. She really wanted to make sure we would love the house as much as she did and she even started crying a little. It made me a little sad, but not too much because we are going to love that little house (and give it the attention it so desperately needs)!

Anyway, expect a whole lot of talk about the house in the near future. Just fair warning.


  1. Don't forget the 50 year old champagne bottles in the fridge :P

  2. do you get the piano?!? That's pretty awesome that you get the furniture (if there is some you want to keep). :) And I cant' wait to see it in person!!

  3. Oooh congratulations!! That is so sweet about the previous owners. Stuff like that kills me.

    If you're not keeping all the National Geographics, wanna save some for me? ;)