Friday, December 31, 2010

year in review

1) I started a new blog!

2) we got some snow (understatement of the year)

3) I got a new toy (this is very important to me)

4) fun mini trips to Harper's Ferry, DC, NYC

5) Big Time trip to Disney World!

7) I left a job that made me miserable (really, take a look at some posts from the beginning of the year. (I'm tired and I'm not posting today are common themes) and started working down the street from this instead of one of the craziest malls around.

8) We went to some fun carnivals and even the State Fair and got tons of amazing photos that make me happy.

9) We looked at wedding venues, but didn't find anything we could really work with, so instead...

All in all I'd call the year a gleaming success, and next year is set to be completely off the charts!
Have a Happy New Year and be safe tonight, ok?

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