Sunday, April 24, 2011

The complete library of housewifery

The time has finally come to start sorting through all of the crazy unusual things that were left behind in this house when we moved in. The old mattresses and disgusting couch were taken away yesterday (thank you mister!) and I can now get to some of the stuff we've been storing in that side room all winter. Other than some long expired canned food and National Geographics, I really had no idea what I would find out there. I was surprised and delighted by some of the things I discovered this morning and it makes me want to spend all day out there. The mister might be dismayed at how much I want to keep instead of putting it in the yard sale we're planning. Ooops! But it really is like the complete library of housewifery in there! Knitting and sewing and lace making, in both English and what I assume to be Hungarian. Cooking. Children's books (I think. Again, Hungarian). Even a "Furniture You Can Build" book with sketches but no explanation of how to make it. Many of these books deserve their own posts. Today you get cooking.

This lady clearly bought anything Better Homes and Gardens sold her. I love it.
But here's what really stuck out in the collection.

Microwave cooking! Gourmet microwave cooking! The Exciting World of microwave cooking! 
There is everything you could possibly ask for here. Hot dogs, sandwiches, casseroles? Yes. Meat loaf, lobster tails, bread, apple pie? Yes. It wasn't a true American household in the late 70's and 80's unless you were cooking in your microwave and loving it. Also, there is some fantastic kitchen inspiration to be found in these books. The pictures are amazing!
Now how could I be asked to part with this?

Oh, and one more thing. Definitely keeping this one. Published in 1969.


  1. Amazing. Can't wait to see what else you've unearthed.

  2. Good find! I lovelovelove antique cookbooks.
    Like Heather said, can't wait to see what else you find.