Thursday, April 7, 2011


Though it was not originally part of my errand list today, I ended up in the fragrance department picking out a perfume for my wedding day. It's one of those small details that just seem special to me. And I will not be getting an expensive mani pedi or having some fancy pants do my hair, so I'm allowed to splurge where I choose, right? Right.

I haven't been a huge perfume wearer, and certainly not a huge perfume buyer (let me tell you, there is a benefit to working retail and having constant access to perfume testers) but sometimes a girl just needs a good fragrance. I didn't even consider my old stand-bys from my Macy's working days (Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, Betsey Johnson) because they wouldn't be special enough. I needed something classic, something I have never worn before, something I could always think of in the future as what I wore on my wedding day.

The contenders:
fresh, floral, citrus-y

the definition of classic

powder fresh, rose scented, romantic

Which one would you choose? Or do you have another in mind? And is it crazy that I'm leaning away from the Marc Jacobs just because of the daisies on the bottle cap? They're a bit much for me. The other bottles seem like something I would like to have sitting on my dresser for years to come. Why do I have to be so particular about these details?


  1. what a great idea! Wish I had thought of that. I also heard of a mom who picked a different scent for each of her babies when they were born. What a perfect way to always bring back a rush of memories for special days. Love it. And just based on your description and the bottles, I'd choose the Chloe. But I really know nothing about fragrances. So.

  2. Strictly from marketing and advertising, my three picks would be Chanel No. 5, Chloe, and Miss Dior Cherie. The Chanel for its history, Chloe for its bottle (I think it is just perfect), and Dior for the Sophia Coppola commercial and Natalie Portman ads. Disclaimer: I have not smelled any of these. For a wedding, my gut says go with the No. 5.

  3. Ah! I actually bought the Marc Jacobs yesterday because it smelled so pretty, but I just knew in the back of my head the whole time that it wasn't quite right. I have some samples of the Chanel, but I'm going to need to go back and smell the Chloe before I can make my decision!

    Thanks for your input from afar!