Thursday, August 4, 2011

my pretties

While I don't personally have a need for a diaper bag (but I know some people who do!) I do kind of love it.

That blue (faux)leather is so fabulous-vintage-luggage I can hardly stand it. The straps, the pockets... ohhh the pockets. And oh yeah, it's pretty great in yellow too
Spotted over at Oh Joy!

And thankfully all the cats are out of their respective bags and I can finally talk about the fact that two of my friends are expecting! And get this: one found out the day before my wedding, and the other found out the day after. It was kind of a magical time, what can I say? So I've been focusing most of my energy on building my scarf inventory, but believe me the baby knitting will commence shortly. I've got some time. And it is some of my favorite knitting to do. :)


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