Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've been feeling sorry for myself lately because I don't feel like we have taken full advantage of the summer and those lovely summer days are going to be over before you know it. Like, we haven't gone swimming even once. Haven't gone to a park. Only had one (or two?) BBQs. No Kings Dominion. Etc, etc. I could sit here and make excuses like my work schedule is crazy and the mister and I only have 2-3 days off together most months and when that happens we end up having to do things like clean and run errands and buy groceries. It's not very exciting, but that's what it is. But I am very much looking forward to next weekend at the cabin, and all of the summertime leisure that takes place there. Thank goodness for that.

Oh, and here's a little video that's pretty much what summer is all about. The band's name is Tennis. In case you were wondering.

Marathon from Oncle Spike on Vimeo.


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