Wednesday, November 9, 2011

new tunes

So it's been nearly a month since my birthday and I'm just now getting around to sharing some most excellent new records that I got for the occasion. I go through record buying spurts sometimes where I just need to have them in my life. I don't necessarily think this is one of those spurts, rather, these two albums happened to come out at roughly the same time and this is how I choose to support my favorite bands. I refuse to purchase MP3s. I just won't do it. And what's the point of owning a CD anymore? Records are prettier and come in limited edition colors (I am such a sucker for colored vinyl) and  they come with a free digital download most of the time, so it's a win/win situation.

I have been holding out on listening to the She & Him Christmas album, but I have to admit I just put it on my iPhone today. So. We all know where this is going. Christmas music for the next two months! Yeah!


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