Monday, June 25, 2012

The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore

I figure finishing a 576 page book in two weeks is reason enough to write a blog post (for me). This book was hilarious, though provoking, disturbing, heartbreaking, and really really good. It is the story of a chimp named Bruno (narrated by Bruno himself) who goes from zoo life to scientific research, to living like a human, being on the run, and finally ending up in jail. Don't worry, I didn't ruin anything for you. Early on in the book he brings up the fact that he is in jail, and you spent the next 500+ pages trying to figure out exactly what happened to put him there. It's quite a ride. And quite promising for being the author's fist novel.
So there you go. Read it, but only if you're going to take my warnings seriously. You'll need a thick skin and a strong stomach to get through certain parts. But I found it to be worthwhile.


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