Wednesday, February 24, 2010


(This may show up twice because I accidentally deleted it and I have to repost it because I didn't want it to disappear!)

Since I was forced to schedule my next vacation this week and am now faced with the pressures of FIGURING OUT WHERE TO GO and actually booking said vacation before the time comes and I end up just sitting around the house, I have started looking back through my vacation photos from last summer and LET ME TELL YOU it was probably the most amazing vacation I have ever had. The bar was set pretty high. Maybe too high. Maybe not.

I bring you St. Croix.
resort village
Hilltop view of the resort
Is it strange that a great deal of my favorite photos are of doors, windows, and stairs? Maybe a combination of the fact that they can be so full of character themselves (different shapes and sizes and color), and also full of unknowns (what is inside the room, behind the door, at the top or bottom of the stairs, and who has been through them and what have they done?) The possibilities are endless. I could fill a room with photos of doors, windows, and stairs.


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