Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Care to Air

Did you know that 60% of the environmental impact of the pair of jeans you're wearing comes from something you have complete control of? 

Levi's is committed to creating and maintaining sustainable, environmentally conscious ways of doing business and manufacturing product, and now they're getting the customer involved. You can start by washing your jeans in cold water and line drying them, reducing the environmental impact by 50%. Then you can get involved in the Care to Air Design Challenge to design methods of air drying that are stylish, sustainable and effective. 

Some current entries:

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Via Craft blog.

(It should be noted that I wrote a paper and did a speech on Levi Strauss in college, and I'm also a former employee and a lifetime fan of the company. It's not some phony publicity thing to make people think they care, they have a 100 year history of caring. They are truly decent people.)


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