Tuesday, May 24, 2011


There's this thing happening in about a week and a half... what was it again?

Oh yeah, I'm getting married. The mister has mentioned this to me before but I conveniently chose to ignore it: one of my frequently used online identities is The Mel B. It is, for one, the name on my Blogger. And it will no longer be accurate. I will no longer be a B. I will be an F. MF. MDF. Interesting. So the question is, do I really need to go through changing my name online? What do you think?

In other news, I feel like I am getting things done. A little bit, at least. Today I got the cake tray, finished designing and began printing and assembling the programs, worked on the cake toppers and ring pillow (minor finishing touches needed on each), and got a little bit out of control with the knitting but I can't go giving away any secrets just yet. :)


  1. No need to change it online, especially for blogs. It takes a while to establish a readership online, which you have. Might as well leave it as-is. Like a character. ;)) PS< holy cheeses I cannot belive it's two weeks away! FYI, married life is faaaabulous!! (12 years +)

  2. good luck with all your wedding plans!!