Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Springtime walk

I am so loving the warm weather these days (except for nights/mornings when it's still only 40 degrees. one of these days I'm hoping to pack away my winter comforter, but not quite yet). So today I decided to actually leave the store on my lunch break (ok fine, I had to go buy food anyway because we haven't been to the grocery store this week to buy lunches. But I then decided to stay out for the whole hour, so yay!) and I took a little walk around the neighborhood. I should do this much more often because apparently people think that because you work somewhere you know where everything within a 30 mile radius is. Don't know where this restaurant is? Well don't you work here? But rather than take on the task of familiarizing myself with local businesses I just took in some scenery instead.

All of these photos were taken within the single block where I work. I didn't even cross the street.
I do love this town.


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  1. We should spend more time there instead of boring Falls Church :P

  2. You should come visit me on weekends and we can go out afterwards!

  3. It's so pretty, you lucky duck!

  4. So pretty. I worked near the waterfront in Alexandria for 4 years. Used to walk down to a lil coffee shop on Fairfax Street called Perks. A mom and pop place - tiny and super welcoming. ;) What a great town to work in.