Thursday, July 26, 2012

home inspiration

When the hubs and I bought our house, our real estate agent made it clear that she thought we were the kind of people who would be able to fix this house up the way it deserves to be fixed up. That we would not only have the vision, but also somehow the time and money to get it done. I often look around and feel guilty for not having done more in the year and a half that we have been in this house. We basically painted and moved in. Bought a couple of new appliances. Mowed the lawn a few times. Hm.

It's not that we don't want to do anything, or that we don't know what to do. We have plans, and we talk about them often. We have plans that include knocking down walls, adding a bathroom and a laundry room, landscaping, moving the front door. It's just putting those plans into motion that has proven to be the difficult part. But we are powering through, and getting ready to talk to a contractor so that he can tell us we are absolutely crazy for thinking we can get half of what we want done with our budget.

With all this on the mind, won't you join me for a little home inspiration via recent Pinterest posts?

If this could be my front door, I think I would die.

But I would happily settle for something more like this.

Open kitchen with multi-colored cabinets.

Concrete everywhere. Not the most resale friendly thing I would guess.

Orange trees inside? Don't mind if I do.

Black brick to refinish fireplace structure?

Just putting this out there in the hopes that it will build our motivation to get some things done. Even if it's not exactly what I want to get done. At the very least we need to refinish the bathroom and get some new flooring in. Wish us luck!

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