Friday, May 21, 2010

daydreams of decorating

Ok, I know I'm always pimping Urban Outfitters products but I can't help it! I work with it every day (usually 10-12 hour days) and I just can't get around the fact that some of it is pretty darn good stuff! So while I'm dreaming of a new home base, let me share with you some things that would make that home beautiful.

First and foremost: the lounge. I must have one. It is a non-negotiable.

 Pretty new bedding w/ matching shams of course

I do not smoke and yet I find both of these ashtrays irresistible. I could keep my rings or something in them!

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. I did not even know we sold these, and I'm going to have to order a few for myself. Cupcakes pedestals are my fave.

Duck mirror? Check.

That's about it for now.

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  1. I LOVE all of them but especially the duck mirror and whale ashtray. I didn't even realize it was an ashtray until you mentioned it.