Sunday, May 30, 2010

why we drove 5 hours each way for pretty much no reason

I had been wanting to see the Mark Ryden show at Paul Kasmin Gallery, and the Lost at Sea show at Hanahou Gallery and they both happened to be going on at the same time, and coinciding with my long weekend. So we booked a hotel on Friday and headed out first thing Saturday morning for our exciting last minute NYC trip. We made the drive, checked in to the hotel, and headed out to Marl Ryden first. Had some difficulty with the address, but we finally got there. And this is what I saw.

Closed. No mention on their website of their being closed this weekend. No sign on the door explaining what was going on. Just closed. We ran into another couple in our same predicament who were just as baffled, but no word on whether they drove 5 hours to get there. 

So we moved on and headed back to the other side of the city for the Lost at Sea show. Find the address. Head upstairs. Closed.

So here's the thing guys. Yes, I could have called them to make sure they would be open, but when both websites clearly list Saturday hours and say nothing about particular Saturdays when they may or may not be closed, wouldn't you just assume they ought to be open? We had fun regardless, had some seriously yummy food, saw a cute movie (Micmacs, and I only fell asleep a little), stayed in a fancy hotel with an excellent view, and I had plenty of opportunities to play with my new Hipstamatic. Oh yeah, and I had a great time just wandering around the city with the bf.

In case you're interested, here's a bit of what we could have seen this weekend.


Looks like it would have been awesome, right??


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