Saturday, July 31, 2010

Making up for lost time

I am happy to report that I finished my first knitting project in more months than I care to count, one work in progress that I'm slowly chipping away at but rather bored with, and one new project which is providing some enjoyment for me. The finished project needs to remain Top Secret until it has been gifted, but the other two are available for photos if anyone is interested. I'm knitting a Clapotis scarf (my second go at this pattern, I so enjoyed the first), and a pair of simple toe-up self-striping socks for the mister. His first pair of hand-knit socks! Unfortunately I do not have photos to share with you today. So what's the point of this post, you ask? Why taunt you with promises of crafty goodness and then fail to deliver the goods? Well, it simply leads me to what I'm currently craving which is some new yarns!

So creamy and buttery, I could just eat it. Inspired by sunflowers (ok, I see it) but you can't tell me that doesn't look like a delicious kernel of popcorn. Yum!

Bold streaks of beautiful color... the things I could dream up for this yarn...

Both of these are hand dyed in limited batches from SockPixie, and neither would be turned away if they showed up at my door, justsoyounkow.


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