Thursday, July 15, 2010

Care package from Mark Ryden (or why sometimes it's better to not get what you want)

Remember when the mister and I drove to New York to see Mark Ryden and the Lost at Sea show and both galleries were inexplicably closed? Yeah, I was pretty upset (especially when I realized that had we pushed it back to the next weekend we could have seen both of those shows AND the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn) but I couldn't be too upset for too long because that was also the weekend the mister and I got engaged! And I sent Mark Ryden a message on Facebook telling him about our fruitless trip, and he promised to send me some goodies in the mail to make up for it! Fast forward to today. Most days I've all but forgotten that I've been waiting on a package. It certainly hasn't been on the forefront of my mind, and when I saw the envelope in the mailbox I assumed it was the t-shirt I had ordered a couple weeks ago. But....
I ripped into it immediately, before I thought to take a photo.
And this is what I found. A horrible blurry cell phone photo, you ask? Yes, that and a whole bunch of Mark Ryden goodies! Let me give you a better idea of the amazingness of this package.
There's a teeny tiny (signed and hand numbered) book.
Some pins.
Some little prints.
A set of lots more prints.
A package of postcards (don't expect to be seeing these in the mail from me any time soon. I'm keeping these babies).
And oh yeah, let's not forget about this: To Melissa, Love Mark Ryden.

And so I ask you this- how many times has anyone gone above and beyond to apologize for something that wasn't even their fault to begin with? Mark Ryden does not own the gallery that decided to close for the day. He doesn't even control the information provided on the gallery website that failed to warn us that they would be closed. He has nothing to do with it! (I'm assuming). And yet he decided to reach out to me, one disappointed fan, to make sure that I would not be disappointed. And I am not. I am exceedingly impressed, and pleased, and happy to call myself a fan.

In other news, it's almost the end of a pretty rough week and I'm looking forward to a little crabfest action this weekend!


  1. This is amazing! What an awesome surprise :) I have that tree-show postcard set and have been planning to mount them on pieces of wood to hang in my house.

  2. Congratulations Melissa!!! What a neat package and I agree, what a neat person to take the time to put all this together for you (even if he didn't actually do it himself, he made it happen). It's awesome!!! Aren't you glad you took the time to voice your frustration? It never hurts if it's done in the right way.