Sunday, March 21, 2010


We had a nice First Day of Spring outing to Harper's Ferry yesterday. It makes me feel old and pretentious and sounds a bit like going to Martha's Vineyard or something, but it was neat indeed.

We found this cute little vintage book store.

There were of course several doors and windows and stairs for me to enjoy.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, and if you're on the east coast I hope you're enjoying this extra fabulous weather! Amazing.

Oh yeah, and you can view the rest of the photos from our day trip here, as if I didn't post them all here already.


  1. You failed to mention the parking situation. I would have devoted at least 3 ranting paragraphs to it!

  2. Oh yes, the parking. And the ice cream situation. Please be advised you should not attempt to purchase an ice cream cone if you don't have an hour to spare and you're picky about people using their bare hands to serve you.