Sunday, April 4, 2010


For those of you in the DC area, I hope you've had the opportunity to make it out to the Cherry Blossom Festival this year. And for the rest of you, you can just live vicariously through me.
I'm pretty sure that one's upside down (see where the light hits), but I like the composition, so deal with it.

So lovely, right? 
The water is unusually high right now (you may remember the snowpocalypse? And a whole bunch of rain?) and that made for some interesting photos itself. 

Now just one more fluffy cotton candy blossom.

And you can view the rest of the set on my Flickr.

Hope you're having a restful weekend!


  1. ahhhhh . . . so lovely. And my poor achy heart. Who wants to buy me a plane ticket???

  2. Beautiful. Someone can buy me a plane ticket too!!!