Friday, April 23, 2010

(almost) back from fantasyland

I've been away for a bit, though you may not havenoticed really. Have I been diligently blogging from Disney World as though I had nothing better to do? No, although what's better than sharing some joy and inspiration with you all? That was rhetorical. Anyway, no. I have not been taking breaks from the excitement to blog- I had them all set up, pre-written and scheduled to post automatically! That's what I call being prepared. Vacation also means that I have spent very little time on the internet, checking feeds and all that. It means a few hundred unread items on Google Reader, and a hefty handful of things that I have starred to share with you later!

I have had an amazing time here (my first at any Disney park and I have a button to prove it!) Lots of fun rides and shows and plenty to look at, plus a very unique experience on Space Mountain. I am extremely exhausted, but I'm glad we did it. And don't worry, I'll share some photos when I actually get home.

So I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and I will be back at it this weekend!


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