Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the task at hand

We officially announced our wedding date yesterday (June 5, 2011) so the wedding planning is in full swing. My brain is swirling with invitation design and wording, decorations, the Great Photographer Search of 2011 (I knew it was going to be hard. I did not think it would be this hard), dresses, rings, food, marriage licenses... I need to stop myself now, because WHOA. That is a lot. I need to make some good, comprehensive, organized lists before this stuff gets out of hand.

But here's one thing I've decided I really want: a custom poster-style marriage certificate that guests can sign. The idea came from (who else) Rifle Paper Co., but they are not currently accepting new commissions. So. Have you seen anything similar done? Know anyone up to the task? I'm taking recommendations.


  1. OK! A couple of blogs I read make paper stuff.

    Chelsea Petaja at Oh My Deer (pretty, feminine)
    (Another idea I saw on her blog was to hand letter a vintage marriage certificate, here:

    Jamie of Cactus & Quail (more minimalist & a newer shop)

    I love the Rifle Paper Co. one! It seems anyone who does custom paper goods/illustration could make you one. Maybe bundle it with whoever's making your invites?

  2. So excited you guys have a date set!! I bet you're thrilled, though slightly stressed. ;)) It's going to be wonderful and I hope you enjoy every minute. Can't wait to read the bloggie progress.