Tuesday, February 1, 2011

this doesn't really belong here...

...but I'm going to go ahead and post it anyway.

As you know, we're trying to get better at this wedding planning business (I know, I know, you want a date and stuff. Just sit tight there, buddy.) So we have been diligently searching for photographers (which means I found one, got my hopes up, got all flustered when I found out she might not be available, and pouted about probably not finding a photographer that I love in our price range), and caterers (admittedly more the mister's thing than mine, but I might as well enjoy it.) 

We went to our first tasting tonight, and it was entertaining, educational, indulgent, and delicious. Oh yeah, I would call it a success. And Eat & Smile Foods uses all locally sourced ingredients where possible so you know it's fresh and it comes from people who give a crap about what they're doing and what they're feeding you. And did I mention it's delicious? Oh and pretty, too.

We didn't get any photos of the evening, so I borrowed some from The Bitten Word who had them cater their wedding last year. It's just fancy enough, and not too fussy. I really can't stand overly fussy food.

So there you go. A step in the right direction. That should make some of you happy. Now about that dress...

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  1. Getting really excited for this wedding!