Wednesday, June 22, 2011

20: things I want to do this summer

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

1. swim in the ocean
2. make (and eat) lots of ice cream
3. watch 4th of July fireworks
4. wash my car
5. take a long walk
6. spend entire days not wearing shoes
7. cook out. a lot.
8. watch movies in our backyard
9. swing
10. read a book outside
11. ride some roller coasters
12. and maybe some roller skates?
13. spend time with the husband!
14. have a yard sale
15. eat funnel cake
16. wear dresses as much as possible
17. make some stuff
18. visit museums
19. not get sunburned
20. relax!

Inspired by this list of 100 things I love about summer over at Hula Seventy, but action oriented. (I sound like I have resumes on the brain. ugh) Call it my summer wish list.


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