Thursday, June 16, 2011

it's a sad, sad day

No, this has nothing to do with Anthony Weiner.

One of my favorite magazines ever has rather abruptly closed up shop and I am very very sad. Sad because it has always been a quality magazine, with great ideas and great values. Sad because it inspired me. Sad because it was one of the few magazines I have ever shelled out the money to subscribe to. I am cheap. No lie. I agonize over the decision to write that $12 check for a years worth of people's hard work. I just want to be sure I will really get the most out of it. And I made that tough decision, and got myself a two year subscription, probably a few weeks ago. And now it no longer exists. :(

I guess I could let you know just what exactly I'm talking about. Fine.

ReadyMade. I would link you to the website, but it's already gone. They apparently wrote a farewell blog post today but that is already gone as well. But at least someone apparently saw that coming and grabbed a screencap so those of us that aren't glued to a computer screen all day and missed this all going down get to see it. Here. I got the news from this post on DIY Life that the hubby shared with me.


I guess Real Simple had better keep me entertained from here on out. Do you have any other magazine recommendations for me?


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