Monday, June 27, 2011

fit session

I decided to try on some new glasses thanks to Warby Parker and their free at home trial system (have I mentioned that I love Warby Parker? They're fantastic.) And I got this urge to try out new shapes and sizes since I have been getting very similar rectangular frames for years now. So time for something new.

I felt pretty stinkin ridiculous in most of them, but those last ones there (Finn, in case you were wondering) might just do the trick. Nice and small, and not quite rectangular. Going out on a limb here people!

My current glasses, for your reference.


In case you were wondering I have been planning some more wedding related posts but I've been waiting for just the right time to work on them. I need time, I need a good mood, I need... time. And I guess in a way I've been waiting for someone to ask for them. Response to all wedding related posts thus far has been dismal, and I guess that is a bit disappointing. Just trying to figure out what to make of all this.

But new glasses... that sounds good, right? :)


  1. Oh nice! They look cute. I just got my eyes tested and have a new perscription in hand. Just need to find some frames. Maybe I'll check this site out.

  2. Yes! You should! Not only are they cute, and affordable, but for every pair they sell they give a pair to someone in need. Good things all around.

  3. i would like some post-wedding posts, please :]

    also, the last pair is a really good shape for the your face. the other ones are cute, but maybe overwhelming on you?