Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Birthday Weekend in photos

We started the day with a little home made breakfast. Ricotta pancakes w/ fruit, recipe from Baking Bites via CakeSpy. I was a little nervous about this recipe as there are some things I've managed to go years without learning how to do. Like separate eggs. To me that was in the same category as cracking an egg open with one hand in Things I Will Never Do. But I did it. And beat egg whites into soft peaks. I did it all. I did it so the mister could have a wonderful birthday breakfast.

There were balloons, there was pizza, there was cake. Apparently I forgot to buy the birthday hats, but there's always next time.
The cake was a raspberry lemonade poke cake that I modified slightly from Betty Crocker. The basics are the same; start with a white box cake, add lemonade concentrate, poke the cake and pour raspberry jello mixture on top, and I feel the need to mention that this recipe also required separating eggs. Figures. I just left out the part where they put the jello mix in the actual cake batter before baking, because 1) I wanted to separate the flavors a little bit more, and 2) I didn't think Chris wanted a solid pink cake. I don't know if this had any real impact on the outcome of the cake or maybe I didn't mix the batter enough, but the cake came out very dense. Tasty, but not the consistency I look for in a cake. Maybe I'll give it another try some other time. Oh, I also added some little yellow sprinkles on top with the raspberries as a nod to the raspberry-lemonade theme.

Here's how the kids spent their weekend.

Lazy, as always.

Anyway, I do hope the mister enjoyed his first birthday as a married man. I'm not sure what difference that makes, but it seemed like it should, so I tried to make it a good one. :)


  1. Wow! The pancakes and cake look awesomely good. Will you make me a cake like that sometime?? And the yellow sprinkles and raspberries on top added a nice touch. Hope Chris had a wonderful birthday. I should have called or something. Love you both. Mom

  2. Yes, of course! I will take any excuse to bake a cake. :)