Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's that time again

I'm fairly certain I talked about this last year, but it's that time again. Frankie magazine has come out with their 2012 diary (planner), and it is incredibly lovely. I have never been one to use a planner (in fact, I had a professor in college challenge me in the beginning of the year, saying something to the effect of "we'll see how well you do in this class without using a planner" and I got an A) but it's fun to dream about all the things I could plan for and accomplish if I did, in fact, use a planner. A pretty pretty planner.

It can be found here, if you are interested.

So, this weekend did not turn out quite as planned, but we had very important things to attend to. I did get some fall decorations out, we have officially made the switch to fall/winter home fragrances, and we did some cleaning. So there's that.
How was your weekend?


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