Thursday, October 27, 2011

notes on creating a monster

When I was in high school I encountered what I will refer to as the Hallmark Mom. You know you are dealing with a Hallmark Mom when there is a collection of cards for various occasions, not because there are immediate needs for such cards, or even plans to use them. They are there so that one can be prepared for anything, and have a card at hand to commemorate it. The Hallmark Mom will also decorate for any reason at all. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, birthdays, whatever. Groundhog Day and Election Day probably. They will literally take any excuse to decorate, and they must have an entire guest house to store their goods. Or so it seems.
Anyway. My point is: I used to think the Hallmark Mom was crazy. Why would anyone want to decorate for Halloween? Halloween is for dressing up and eating candy. Carving pumpkins and corn mazes. That sort of thing. Who needs all the extra work of decorating? (unless we're talking about haunted house-eque props for your front yard if you're welcoming trick-or-treaters. I always loved those houses)
But. I see it happening. It started with a few cute little wooden props. Some craft pumpkins I covered in glitter. Some of those old plastic trick or treat pails. I'm not sure where to draw the line, and I'm not sure I want to anyway.

So, accepting the fact that I just might be turning into a Hallmark Mom, let me share with you one of my most favorite Halloween displays ever, from Thompson Family Life.

Super cute, right?

So what is your stance on holiday decorating? Yea or nay?

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  1. Decorating is a whole lot of fun. For me, it's part of creating family traditions and a way to celebrate the change of seasons. Halloween - I just think of it as more of fall decorating. And I want to fill my house with pretty fall leafy things, because I don't have trees with actual fall leaves around me to enjoy. I guess I'm a total Hallmark Mom. Don't laugh at me.;)