Saturday, October 8, 2011

sharing the love

Because I like you.

There are lots of designer discount sites out there. I know because I belong to a lot of them. Rue La La is pretty much all clothing. Gilt has a little bit more diversity, but it's mostly the kids clothes that get me excited (no I do not have kids, nor do I have immediate plans to have kids. But boy am I in trouble when I do. I want to buy little people things all. day. long.) But I'm pretty sure Fab is the most interesting and diverse and appealing of the bunch.

There are cute toys

Stationery and notebooks

Fun pillows


Crazy backpacks & messenger bags

And design books

And did I mention... that's just today's sales. It's pretty amazing. But you decide for yourself.
It's free, and you get a $10 credit when you join, so you may as well check it out here.


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