Thursday, January 6, 2011

home sweet home

Crafting a Meaningful Home from Meg Mateo Ilasco on Vimeo.

How many times have you seen a trailer for a book? And how many times have they made your heart glow with excitement and a deep desire to create, well, a meaningful home. This homeowner situation is stressful and quite often overwhelming, but I know that I am incredibly lucky to be able to buy a home (a freaking awesome home!) and the whole process of making it our own is just too amazing for words. I want everything we do to be an intentional, beautiful, and personal addition. And I want that book. Obvs.

And don't you worry, the whole process will be documented. I just haven't decided yet if it will be documented here or if we are going to create a home renovation blog (which could very well go the way of my wedding blog, ie: never updated). Thoughts?


  1. I think it's much simpler to keep everything on one blog - so that's what I do. But my blog also has no real purpose, so whatever. ;)

    Either way, can't wait to see your renovations!!

  2. Wherever you document it, we will read it. :) Congratulations on the house!! So exciting!!!