Tuesday, January 4, 2011

random acts of etsy

Poking through shops suggested to me by etsy, I came across Leanne Marshall (aka Leanimal) from Project Runway. One of my top 5 contestants of all time (keeping in mind I haven't had cable in several years). I can't tell if I'm happy that she's still creating handmade and selling to individual buyers on etsy or sad that she hasn't made it further since winning Project Runway. In any case, I enjoyed seeing her designs again and look forward to keeping tabs.


  1. I've just started watching this show because they finally put a season up on Hulu. Season 6 - I know supposedly this is one of the worst seasons, but I'm quite liking it. Needs to be on Hulu or Netflix Watch Instantly!

  2. I think I saw one or two episodes from season 6 so I can't comment on that, but you should watch seasons 2 & 3! Most of my favorite designers were from those two seasons, and there was plenty of drama to go around as well. ;)