Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's about that time

We went out to eat at Red Robin today (impromptu Ikea outing and we needed food) and I was a bit surprised to see they had wasted no time in going all out with their Valentine's decorations. This is not traditionally a holiday that gets a lot of attention a month before its arrival (Is it? Am I crazy?), but I'll go with it mainly because it is a holiday that involves romantic gestures, flowers, sweets, and beautiful paper goods. Mostly the paper goods. Whether we're talking the cheap boxed cartoon cards you get kids to give to their entire class (especially vintage ones! So cute!) or fancy letterpress ones, we all know I can't resist a good card. So here are a few I've picked out of the pack so far.

Rifle Paper Co. (Adore. Always.)

Fred Flare via Poppytalk (In a tin. After my own heart. For reals)


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