Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This doesn't really describe my day today despite spending about 4 hours driving today (to work, to DC for work, home from work, all complete with traffic) but I wanted to post anyway. Because, well, I'm tired and don't feel like coming up with anything else to post right now and I'm ready to get off the computer for the night.

So what would you like to turn bad feelings into? Puppies? Well that's obvious, but there's the same problems as above. Cupcakes? Then I would eat them all and get fat and have more bad feelings. Flowers? Books? All good things... but this is getting ridiculous.

1 comment:

  1. I'd turn bad feelings into pieces of papers in my skull. Then I'd go home, pour a glass of wine or tea or yoga or whateverdoesitforyou, drink it down and take a long, deep nap. During that nap, the sleep fairies would come out and file those bad feelings away in the cabinets in my brain, to lock them away forever and not bother me again. ;)) If only...