Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 90210 Day!

That's right, it's 9/02/10 and I, with the rest of the internet, am celebrating the genius that was Beverly Hills 90210. The hair, the mom jeans, the humanity!

Catty Brenda, poor nerdy Andrea, spoiled Donna, pretty Kelly, boring Brandon, troubled Dylan, jock Steve, hopeless David. I really don't remember that blonde kid on the right. Who is he? This show inexplicably seemed to attempt to present a realistic teenage existence that, looking back, is rather terrifying that we bought into it. Luckily I can say that it appealed to my middle school self much like Saved By The Bell appealed to my elementary school self. Until you get there, you'll fall for anything. I remember going to a fashion show at Lord & Taylor (I think) which featured the one and only Jennie Garth, and I was so excited to see her for 20 seconds. It was all I could talk about. There was a boy down the street who was very jealous. It was almost like being famous.


  1. Blonde on the right: David's friend who was killed in that tragic gun accident early on in the series?? That's all I got.

  2. That does sound vaguely familiar!