Sunday, September 26, 2010

totally seasonally inappropriate

I watched Marie Antoinette recently (not for the first time, but it finally occurred to me to Netflix it. I love this movie.) and it had me scouring my favorite photo sharing sites for frothy, frilly, pastel loveliness that reminded me of the film.

Now I know there are a lot of people out there who hate the movie. They want to complain about the fact that Sofia Coppola used modern music instead of period music, that even after so much obvious attention to detail with set design and costumes she just had to throw a pair of baby blue Converse into a shot, and that the movie itself lacks substance. But I have to disagree on all accounts. Yes, it is visually stunning. Every shot is beautifully styled and the cinematography is to die for. That, combined with the music which I find to be spot on with regards to creating a mood and telling a story, almost make dialog unnecessary (which is good, because as the mister points out there isn't much of it). But much like a silent film I get everything I need from the story without words. And like all of her films, there is such an intense emotion that is not often found in movies.

But enough gushing, here's some more pretty.

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