Wednesday, September 8, 2010

it's almost time...

That's right, Summer is coming to an end and Fall is on its way. I have a love/hate relationship with Fall. It's hard for me because I really love Summer so much. I like hot weather, not having to wear shoes, going to the beach, just hanging out outside, ice cream, cookouts, and pretty much everything that Summer is about (except tanning). So I hate to see it go. 

BUT, Fall happens to be rather pretty around these parts with the leaves changing colors and carpeting the ground everywhere you turn. Fall also contains my birthday and Halloween and I love those days. AND it also means I get to wear my beloved scarves. Fun fact: I don't think I ever owned or wore a scarf until a few years ago when I started to knit. And I have slowly created a hefty collection of the warmest, coziest, most fantastic scarves around (if I do say so myself). The oversized chunky cowl is hands down my favorite, as it is the closest thing to walking around wrapped up in a blanket while still being socially acceptable.

I'll break into my box-o-scarves here soon enough to share with you all (I even have several that I knit intending to sell that have been sitting in a plastic bin completely unused and unloved for almost a year. I really need to work on that Etsy shop, it's all about finding the time.), but for now I will share with you some lovely scarves from other designers so you too can feel inspired for Fall. I hope you're ready for it, the high temp for tomorrow is dropping 20 degrees from today!

So... Fall, are you ready for it?


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