Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flawlessly flawed, thank you very much

Lusting after these fabulous watercolors from Stockholm based illustrator Stina Persson.  She makes fine tuned beauty look effortless, and oh so cool. I would say it inspires me to want to paint, but I know I can't paint like that. But I digress. Her work is currently being shown at Gallery Hanahou in NYC, but if you recall I tried to go to an event there before and they were closed without warning so I'm not sure I'm ready to take that risk again. The show is called Perfectly Flawed, but I'm not seeing any flaws here.

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  1. omg I want these. I mean, even though I'm sure you're totally talented and can paint, probably the likes of what I can paint....;)) then at least we can gawk and adore and pine for these, right?? tossingtheswiss/snoopylloyd