Friday, October 29, 2010

the great pumpkin massacre

My friends, this pumpkin was solid through and through. I worked up a sweat just trying to get the lid off, and broke the stem in the process. And not only was there plenty of filling, but it was hard! Like, none of that just reach in with your hands and scoop some out business, that would have gotten me nowhere. This thing required knives and spoons. It was not messing around. 
The mister had his own unique issues with his pumpkin though. It was quite certainly the juiciest pumpkin I have ever seen in my life. As in each scoop of guts came out dripping, and he had to use a paper towel several times to sop up the soup at the bottom of the pumpkin. It was crazy.

I know I should have cleaned him up a little bit for his close-up, but I kind of couldn't resist. What is really amazing about these shots is that there is no candle inside. The contrast in colors and the regular overhead light made him glow quite perfectly.

Ok, ok enough of my little pumpkin, here are all of his friends.
And the process.
So there, proof that I am doing everything in my power to remain on the holiday at hand.
 How is your Halloween so far?


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  2. You forgot to mention that a screwdriver was also required to remove the top of yer pumpkin too!! That was pretty bad ass that your pumpkin glowed w/o a candle :) Still have to cut up my other one-RowR

  3. Awesome pumpkin!! Looking at that first picture and reading your description, I kind of can't believe you made any progress on gutting it.

    Your pumpkin carving party photos (and the pumpkin patch ones before that) make me so happy. Halloween is my favorite holiday. We went to Cameron's family party last night dressed as Popeye and Olive Oyl (home-crafted). Trying to get some work done today so that I can dedicate all of tomorrow to Halloween activities and pumpkin carving!