Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I used to consider myself a bit of an artist

I had completely forgot about these large scale contrast paintings (I'm not really sure what to call them, but this description seemed to fit) that were one of my favorite art projects in high school. I know I have one of Michael Stipe, Kurt Cobain, and Bjork (sense a theme, perhaps?) and now all I want to do is whip out a paint brush and create one right this second!

They are so easy to do and you can get step by step directions over at Poppytalk if you've never done it before. So go on, create! (Anyone? I'd love to see!)

This also gives me a bit of an idea... taking inspiration from one of my sisters who has been brave enough to share journal entries she wrote in middle and high school, perhaps I can share with you some things that I created long long ago. Things that I hold very dear to me and which created the foundation for the crafty lifestyle I (try to) live on a regular basis. Stay tuned (and encourage, if you are interested, so that I don't forget about it!)


  1. that would be really awesome! I don't think I saw much of it at the time . . . (mostly since I was already out of the house, I guess).

  2. lovelovelove this idea!! I am so going to do it. PS, I moved my snoopy blog to wordpress. And I put a link to your bloggie on it. (still have the cooking/tossing the swiss bloggie too) ciao!