Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If you're not quite ready for Christmas talk, look away

Me, I'm pretty much ready. I'm a total sucker for everything Christmas related. I absolutely love holiday decorating. Trees, wreathes, boxes and bows, snowflakes and reindeer. Love it. And while I readily admit that it is a bit early to be focusing on these things, an email from West Elm this morning got me a little warm and fuzzy inside.

Yes, yes yes. I will take one of each. Please and thank you. (Would you hold it against me if I tried to copy them and make my own? Because I want to set up an elf factory and start cranking these out, like, yesterday.)
See them all here.

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  1. omg love it!!! Go check out mibo, they're giving away free advent calendars (!!) w/a small minimum purchase of other stuff. I just clicked "like" for them on fb. Mibo. ;))