Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas roundup (the first of many, I'm sure)

Since Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, I'm pretty sure I'm officially allowed to talk about Christmas. So here's a bunch of Christmas goodies that get me all giddy inside.

plush ornaments from Skunkboy Creatures (who is super talented and pretty much amazing)

porcelain snowflakes from hodgepodgearts (uhm, I already bought a set of these. I just couldn't resist!)

custom illustrated cards from Rifle Paper Co. are the best thing ever.

darling gift tags from Miniature Rhino via Nice Package

Now aren't you feeling Merry and Bright?
You're welcome.


  1. ohh, I love the snowflakes and the snail!! Thanks a lot for tempting me. ;) haha.

  2. Keep the cute ornaments coming! Love the narwhal. That just turned into a top contender for my annual Christmas ornament for Cameron.

    And yes, I actually squealed and looked at the prices when I first saw the custom illustrated Anna Bond cards, hoping maybe I could afford them? A leetle out of my budget for Christmas cards (but if it's within yours, by all means buy some!)