Friday, November 5, 2010


To be honest I've never really liked Tom's shoes. Sure the story is great and they give shoes to people in need and they're good people and everything (and I've heard the shoes are comfortable), but if their shoes are ugly I'm still not going to buy them. Even the gold Tom's which have become the new Converse in weddings everywhere (just trust me) I think are rather hideous. But now they have these gold herringbone ones and, well, I might like them...


  1. Let's talk about shoes for a minute.
    I have a pair of men's Toms Cordones ( that are my go-to everyday shoes. They're simple and are the only shoes that don't give me blisters if I don't wear socks (a necessity.) And, though I see your point about them being kind of ugly, I think they are pretty-ugly-amazing. I like the style above, too.

    Now. I need a second pair of casual, versatile sneakers. I ordered a pair of grey Converse probably two years ago that are too big and I've never worn. About a month ago, I ordered a pair of Bensimons ( - another ugly-pretty shoe - that are too small to be comfortable, but only come in full sizes so sizing up would be way too big. These also I have not returned.

    You see my dilemma? What's a girl to do? I think these might be my next attempt:

  2. I have two pairs of Bensimons which I would wear every day if I could (though Chris would not appreciate the stinky feet they give me) and I'm pretty sure I got them in half sizes though I'll have to go home to check.