Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Smells like winter

This is what my home smells like right now, and I love it. Really love it. Like can't stop taking deep sniffs and making myself lightheaded love it.
Now I have a couple of confessions to make about home fragrances.

1) I used to buy candles, light them once so it looked like I used them, but not really burn them. I didn't want to use them up because it felt wasteful and for some reason I thought it appropriate to buy candles as decoration only. I have since come to the realization (I'm pretty sure the mister played a part in this) that it might be better to actually use them. Until they're gone. And it isn't wasting them, it's using them for their intended purpose which is quite the opposite of wasting. And also, I'm not allowed to buy new candles until I use up some of the old ones.

2) I insist on using seasonally appropriate fragrances in the house. Candles, hand soaps, well even lotions (I understand I am straying a bit from home fragrance, but you get the drift) are all time sensitive. I cannot use summer fragrances in the winter or winter fragrances in the summer (the exceptions being vanilla and apple, which are good year round. There might be more but that's all I can think of right now.) It is a momentous occasion for my senses when it is time to switch scents for the season. Which is why I am so enjoying the Spice candle I just started on last week. Mmmmmmmm. It gets me all excited for the coming holidays.
Also, as an added bonus, the need for two collections of scents means I can accumulate twice as many candles, hand soaps, and lotions. It's not a trick, it's essential. (come on people, back me up here. The mister is still coming around to this idea.)


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