Wednesday, November 17, 2010

new glasses!

Remember just about forever ago when I said I needed new glasses? Well, I did decide to go with the fabulous Warby Parker, which was also mentioned in that post and also came highly recommended from my little sister. It took me about a week to decide on the glasses, another few weeks to get my eye exam, and about a month when I realized there was a detail that was left out of my prescription that I needed to order my glasses (the distance between my pupils, who knew?), to finally go back to the optometrist to get that done so that I could place my order online.

So I finally ordered my glasses last week and less than a week later, I have my new glasses!

They're Belen in King's Purple, and I quite like them (despite the fact that suddenly I think my head might be a bit to small for them)

And despite my being pleased with these new glasses, it does not stop me from looking at others. Like these lovely vintage frames from mod* vintage on etsy.

How fun are they?!


  1. I like your new glasses! They look good on you.

  2. Nice glasses. :) I saw this link and went to it and formatted a free calendar with adorable owls. You choose the designs. Not sure if you like owls but the calendar art is fabulous!

  3. Were you able to do home try-on then? Let me know how it worked; I may just have to try on a few pairs in preparation for my second pair of Warby Parker frames :)