Monday, August 16, 2010

4 Simple Goals

I have decided to participate in Elsie's 4 Simple Goals project over at A Beautiful Mess, committing to four obtainable goals to make my life more fun and rewarding. See the details here, and everyone is welcome to participate! So, here are my goals.

1) Create more. This means more knitting (especially for gift giving opportunities), as well as home improvement (almost finished refinishing a coffee table that we started working on many many months ago) and wedding projects.

2) Keep a happy and organized home. The fact is I get pretty stressed and unhappy when my surroundings are a mess. I am making a commitment to keep up with basic tasks like dishes and laundry, as well as the overall presentation of my home. I want to enjoy being in my own space, and feel happy to invite guests into it.

3) Take photos (and learn how to use The Mister's fancy camera). I realize this is a very popular goal, but also a very important one. As The Mister and I are building our new life together, I feel like we need to be doing a better job documenting it!

4) Maintain a healthy work/life balance. This is HUGE. Like I can't even begin to express to you how huge it is. I'm pretty sure only a select few past co-workers and The Mister can fully appreciate how huge this is. I want to like my job, and be proud of the work I do, and also be able to leave it at work when the day is done (after a reasonable amount of hours) and enjoy my home life when I am there.

So, what do you say? Does anyone else want to participate? I want to know about it!


  1. It might have to wait until after my trip, but I'll definitely be giving this one some thought. :)

  2. I couldn't agree more! Thanks for this post.

  3. If I did this for myself, 2 and 4 would be the exact same as your list.

    I'm sort of with you on #3, only I do take a TON of pictures already. I'd just want to learn how to be a better photographer and find a more consistent way to archive and/or share all my photos.

    Then I'd replace your #1 with using my brain more. Read more books, practice my (extinct) foreign language skills, take a class now and then or just commit to studying a topic independently.

    That sums up any New Years resolution list, goal list, and priority list I've ever made in my adult life! You can find variations of those goals written on sticky notes, in planners and journals, in docs on my computer, all the time.

  4. Hey Hey~
    I remember you...we were at the same table at D & B's wedding in May. Ya, my #1 would be similar to yours in that I would be creative and write more on the new food bloggie I just started. I write, but need to create more food to write more about the food.

    #2 would be to be more organized in general since I'm not that keen on time management at the office. Home's ok, but if I were more organized at home, I might have more time to work out. ;))

    #3...I'm not sure and now my mind is wandering so I'll have to come back to..oh yeah, maybe work on the yoga practice more. I can never remember the pose names.