Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thompson Family-Life

Well here's your one-stop-shop.

I read her blog regularly and think it's just adorable. And recently I decided to enter a giveaway on her blog, tempted by cute cupcake kits over at Layer Cake Shop, but also knowing that I never win these things. I mean, really, what are the odds?

But I won! I won a $30 gift certificate which I promptly spent on some of these goodies!

That last one I am super excited about. Those are 11 different sizes of circular cookie cutters, which come nested in their own little tin! Can you just say after my own heart. Oh yes, I can think of a million uses for those beauties. And no, I couldn't stick to just spending the $30, in case you were wondering. Once I started shopping, I just couldn't stop! Seriously, check it out for yourself. You can even shop by theme or color, which is absolutely brilliant.


  1. Nice!! Congrats :)

    ps. what a lovely blog you have!!!!

  2. those cupcake sleeves are adorable! your a lucky lady ;)


  3. love the gingham cupcake cups!! The Thompson Family Life blog is so visual, it's hard not to keep looking at it...