Friday, August 13, 2010


I have a fondness for this time of year, and can't help but be drawn to the Back to School section at Target and want to buy notebooks and pencils and paperclips that I have no real need for. I have to admit I was super stoked for the school supply shopping when I finally went to college, and I kind of want to get that feeling back. But at least this time I do have a new adventure in front of me. Though I may not be going to class and reading and studying, I am starting a new job and will hopefully have a lot to learn there. So here's to new fall wardrobes and new opportunities (but no grades).

A notebook for all of your big, life-changing, brilliant ideas. Katie Blair Designs
Sweet pencil case. Pocket Carnival

A bag to put it all in, of course! Kinies

I would have spent a little bit more time finding lovely school supplies to share with you, but it is rather late and The Mister is pestering me to go to bed. Hope everyone is gearing up for an eventful weekend!


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