Tuesday, August 24, 2010

need some new music?

Perhaps I can interest you in some Parenthetical Girls. At first glance you might assume that they're just like any other indie-synth band out there, but upon close inspection you'll find something a little warmer, more emotional, more authentic.

This song actually reminds me a bit of Fanfarlo, which you might recall I posted about a while back and just love love love.

I stink at really talking about music because I have very specific tastes and yet I find it impossible to put them into words. I am often stumped when someone recommends a band that they think I will like and I hate it and I can't figure out why they think I will like it, or they say "well you like this one band and this other band is similar" but while they may try to have a similar style they are lacking in talent and just aren't very good. I'm picky about singers' voices,.I have an extreme distaste for songs that feel flat to me, or that lack emotion (two very different things in case you are wondering). I have specific memories tied to lots of different songs from different parts of my life. I wish I could listen to more music sometimes, but it looks like my commute time to work just doubled so maybe I can do that. Just don't ask me what kind of music something is. I hate that.

I discovered Parenthetical Girls via RCRD LBL, offering up free music downloads every single day and a great source of inspiration for those of us needing new favorite bands. Download "Young Throats" here.